Le conférencier et Champion Cycliste ALBERTO CONTADOR

One of the great cyclists in history (the only Spanish rider to have won the big three with two Giros, two Tours and three Vueltas)

  A champion on a bicycle and an example far removed from time trials and mountain passes. ALBERTO CONTADOR is one of the best cyclists in history , as his overwhelming track record demonstrates, but his greatest victory was achieved at the age of 21, when he managed to rediscover his great passion after overcoming a stroke.

After having abandoned high-level sport, he focuses his efforts on his foundation , from which he fights against the disease that was about to cut short his dreams.

He was the first Spanish rider to win the three most important cycling competitions and the fifth in all of history. Thanks to them, he managed to win a record that places him 12th in the list of the 100 best cyclists in history prepared by the International Cycling Union . For all this, his achievements were awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Order of Sports Merit in 2008.

Why hire ALBERTO CONTADOR as a speaker at your business event :

With Alberto, through his vital experience, we will be able to build bridges between the world of sport and the corporate sphere. It is no secret that sport and the business world have developed close ties that give them similar structural identities and have even led them to define similar strategies. For this reason, these two worlds share almost everything : leadership, teamwork, spirit of improvement, resilience, goal orientation, strategy...

A speaker like Alberto Contador will inspire your audience, who will get the necessary motivation to face the challenges that we propose to them. 

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