DANIEL SIEBERG , Former executive at GOOGLE and 12 years in news across ABC News, CBS News and CNN 

Daniel SIEBERG is a co-founder of GoodTrust and Chief Storyteller. He previously spent six years as an executive at GOOGLE and 12 years in news across ABC News, CBS News and CNN as an Emmy-nominated science and technology correspondent. Daniel is the author of The Digital Diet : the four-step plan to break your tech addiction and regain balance in your life (Three Rivers, 2011) and co-author of Digital Legacy : Take Control of Your Online Afterlife (Stonesong, 2020).

"Senior-level executive, entrepreneur, author and former journalist who has traveled to ~70 countries. Daniel SIEBERG had worked in marketing, communications. He is currently VP, Technology and Innovation Thought Leadership at HUAWEI USA.. 



 •    AI/NLP and semantic learning
 •    Technology trends and future thinking
 •    Human/tech intersection
 •    Entrepreneurship and startups
 •    VR/AR and immersive tech
 •    Journalism/news
 •    Content creation
 •    Telecom and connectivity
 •    Any subjects with marketing (D2C, B2B, mobile, SEO/SEM, etc.)
 •    Medical advancements
 •    Global communications
 •    And pretty much any subject within technology ! 

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